How to organize your makeup and save space

Whether you wear makeup everyday or only on special occasions, it is really helpful to have it all neatly organized. Storing your makeup in a way that is easily accessible and tidy may be quite a challenge to begin with, but once everything has its place, it is easy to maintain.

Before you can even begin to organize your makeup, first you will have to empty out your makeup drawer. You might want to lay a towel on your counter so you can put everything on it and not worry that it will roll onto the floor. Empty the drawer completely, throw away any left over broken bits and wipe up any makeup dust left behind. Did you know that makeup expires? There may not be an actual expiry date on the item but if you’ve had it for long, it may be time to replace it. Once you’ve discarded your old and expired items then the decluttering and organizing can begin.

Seeing what makeup you have left, group similar items together to facilitate its storage. Depending on what you have and how much space you have, you can decide where to store it. Storing it in a drawer can definitely save space and keep everything tidy and in its place. There are several storage containers that you can use. If you’re on a tight budget you could get different sized plastic containers from a home store and arrange them neatly in your drawer. A cutlery tray or bead divider can also be very effective for storing your makeup. Alternatively, you can also find specific makeup organizing containers with dividers that fit inside drawers. Hanging drawer organizers can also be used if you have a lot of items to store. Larger items or items not used as frequently can be stored below the organizer in the bottom of the drawer. By keeping similar items in the same compartment you will never have to dig around for anything.

If you’re running short of drawer space, then perhaps a hanging organizer will be better for you. These could be hung on the back of any closet door. This really is a fantastic way to make clutter a thing of the past. If need be, you could even have one of these hanging on the back of 2 or 3 closet doors, depending on how many items you have. All your makeup will be easily accessible yet completely out of sight. You can create a system where you hang similar items grouped together in the same row or column.

Storing your makeup on a counter can look cluttered and messy, but with some guidance it can look fantastic while saving you space. If you enjoy crafty projects, try making your own makeup chest of drawers or a simple organizer with dividers out of cereal boxes. Decorate the boxes however you like and with as many compartments and dividers as you need. Another creative and decorative way of organizing your brushes and pencils is in glass jars. You can fill the jars with coffee beans or rice so the brushes stand upright. You can decorate the jars with a ribbon or even spray paint them to go with the color scheme of your room.

Having an organized makeup drawer can save you space and time, so give it a try… you won’t look back!