5 reasons why tape extensions are the best hair extension method

Some of us dream of having that long, flowing hair that means we can finally bring our Rapunzel dreams to life. However, our hair might have other ideas. If that sounds like the case, then it might be time to think about hair extensions. Here are five reasons why tape extensions are the best hair extension method.

They’re invisible

It can be tough to get our new extensions to blend in with our existing hair. However, tape extensions make it easier than ever before as they are so thin. Plus, they are almost invisible in our hair. No longer will we be able to feel our extensions as we run our hands through our hair or brush our flowing locks. Being so flexible means that we can wear tape extensions in just about any hairstyle we can imagine. To top it off, they are less likely to tangle and make it look as though we’ve had a little help to achieve our length.

They’re reusable

A large majority of extensions have to be thrown away as soon as they have run their course. Not tape extensions. These can be used for us to a year, meaning we usually get three or four uses out of the same extensions. This can be especially great for anyone who has had their extensions specially cut to their hairstyle or adapted to their color. All you need to do is remove the tape and add some fresh stuff before you place them back in your hair.

They’re less expensive

One of the main reasons that people opt for tape extensions over other options is because they are a lot cheaper. They typically take a lot less time to apply. This means we could avoid some hefty fees from the salon. Plus, the tape wefts can be a lot cheaper, too. This is because they are easier to make than individual extensions. Still not enough? The maintenance of these extensions and the fact you can use them time and time again all help to save money in the long run.

They’re low-maintenance

Getting extensions isn’t always as easy as it seems. In fact, it could mean hours of work every week to make sure that we keep them as healthy as possible. Tape extensions are thought to be some of the easiest extensions to maintain because they are so thin. In fact, many people often forget they are wearing them altogether. Opting for a slightly more expensive brand could save you even more money in the long run. This is because the extensions will behave just like your real hair and not get damaged.

They’re not as damaging

Many of us love the idea of having long hair. However, that means we have to make sacrifices and give up our own hair’s health, right? Not necessarily. Tape extensions are some of the least damaging options as they are incredibly lightweight. This means they don’t pull on our natural hair. That’s not all. Other forms of extensions can damage our hair as they are applied, with clip-ins sometimes pulling so much they can cause balding. The best bit? Tape in extensions are simple to remove, so they avoid having to use any harsh chemicals.

It can be easy to think that extensions are out of the question. However, tape extensions could be one of the best things to hit the hair market as they help us to achieve all our hair goals at once without all the added problems.