Beauty tips by Grace Kelly

Hollywood is full of glamour, and has been for decades. The obsession with beauty has been an essential part of the industry, and it does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Long before color TV, beauty was much an endeared trait on actresses much as it is today. One would think that the beauty routines that many successful women in Hollywood maintain nowadays is a thing of the twenty first century, but the truth is that actresses have been rated on the basis of their beauty since the beginning of the industry.

Old Hollywood had its share of beauty icons, women who everybody looked up to for their sheer beauty. These actresses glowed on the screen and off the screen, setting standards that are still goals for many women. Grace Kelly was one such actress whose beauty still stirs up interest even three decades after her death.

Beauty tips by Grace Kelly

Talking of beauty secrets, Grace Kelly’s biggest secret was keeping it as simple and natural as possible. Many women strive to sport the no-makeup makeup look and not many may have mastered the art of putting on makeup but looking like they haven’t. However, Grace Kelly had this trick down to the nines. Even after she became Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly still maintained her simple beauty practice.

Below, we’ll look at exactly what Grace Kelly did to always pull off her understated elegance. Even though she was a famous person and very well capable of hiring experts to handle her makeup, Grace Kelly mostly did her own primping up. So do not feel like it will cost you to look as glamorous as she did. If she could do it with just the help of her mirror, so can you.

Exercise and health

Grace Kelly was well aware that to maintain high beauty standards, she would have to take good care of her body. She took physical exercises such as ballet and later on swimming. She also avoided smoking and drank lots of water. On her days on sets, she made sure that the snacks she consumed were healthy and appropriate to keep her energized between meals and avoid craving for unhealthy fast foods.

Light makeup and foundation

Grace Kelly mostly kept her makeup simple and as natural looking as possible. To achieve this, she put on a light coat of foundation and powder. This combination didn’t leave her pale face looking like something entirely new, yet it made her look all glamorous when in front of the camera.

Beauty tips by Grace Kelly

Eye makeup

Eye makeup can prove to be tricky, especially when it’s day makeup. But to borrow a leaf from Grace Kelly, once again, simple does it. Her soft brown eyeliner made her eyes pop just the right way. With a little focus and time each morning, you can effortlessly pull off the perfect eyeliner.

Keeping her blush

Grace Kelly always nailed her blush by making sure to apply it on the places where she blushed naturally. She also made sure it was a color that matched her own skin tone for a natural look.