The best Olivia Munn beauty tips

This Hollywood icon is a combination of brains and beauty. Besides winning the genetic lottery, Olivia Munn puts in the effort required to obtain her perfectly flawless skin and signature healthy-glow look. The American actress is of American/Chinese descent and brings some of her mother’s teachings from the Far East into her daily beauty routine. Though Olivia is proud to have grown up like a tomboy, she was always very in-tune with her skin and keeping it healthy. She has struggled with acne since she was 16 years old but has persisted in finding out the right beauty methods to suit her skin.

Here are a few of Olivia Munn’s top beauty tips.

The best Olivia Munn beauty tips

Keep it simple to keep it going

If a skincare or beauty routine is filled with too many complicated products or methods, the chances of us following through and sticking to it are slim to none. So keep it simple, functional, and easy to stick with.

The routine

Find the right cleanser for your skin type and use it twice a day as instructed on the bottle. Going to bed with makeup on is never good for your skin, and applying foundation to a face that isn’t freshly cleaned is just asking for trouble.

Exfoliate regularly or use a facial brush to remove dead skin cells, increase blood circulation, and stimulate collagen growth. A hydration mask is also essential to have in your skincare arsenal. Always remember to use your day-cream under your foundation and your night-cream when turning in for the day.

Let the pros guide you

Keeping your skin, hair, nails, and makeup looking good every day can be a challenge. The professionals are there to help us and we should utilize them. Olivia gives the pros their dues and admits that she goes for regular facials, has her hair blown out, and has even got makeup tips from artists on-set. We can’t go to the professionals every day, and neither does Olivia. Look at these visits as a booster treatment while you take care of the in-between time.

The best Olivia Munn beauty tips

Top makeup tips

Each person should do their research to figure out the right way to apply makeup for the shape of their face. Olivia believes that her eyes are a little on the small side, so she focuses more on accentuating her lips and beautiful bone structure. She will apply concealer under her nose for an instant facelift and refreshed look. Just because a particular look is super fashionable doesn’t mean that it’ll suit everyone, though. So figure out what works for you and keep your originality.

Hydration is key

Increase your water intake, but cut out all fluoride. Olivia believes that fluoride plays a major role in our skin. Since cutting all fluoride out of her life, Olivia has had better skin overall with fewer breakouts. Water is essential for our bodies, and not taking in enough will more than likely result in dry and flaky skin.

At the end of it all, Olivia believes that real beauty starts from within. When you lead a happy and healthy life, your skin will reflect that. Live positively and let it radiate through you.