The exact order you should be applying all of your makeup

When we purchase a makeup product, it usually comes with directions for application, but no indication for when to apply it in our routine. Do eyes come before foundation? Does concealer come after foundation? When we are dealing with so many products, things can become confusing. There’s always a lot of debate on this topic and today we are setting the record straight.

Before we begin on the makeup routine, it’s important to always begin with a clean canvas. Clean, exfoliated, and well-hydrated skin will always yield the best results for any makeup application.



Use a primer that is right for the skin type. For oily or combination skin, a mattifying primer is essential. For normal to dry skin, the primer will give the skin a luminescent and well-hydrated look. Primer helps the other products to bond well with the skin and last longer.


Everyone has an opinion on this one. We feel that it’s best to do eyes before foundation because cleaning up eyeshadow and mascara fallout from a well-sculpted foundation look can be disastrous. Avoid this headache and work on those beautiful blinkers first.


The trick to good foundation application is simple. Blending! Even a good quality foundation that is the perfect color can look terrible with poor blending. Use small amounts and spread the product evenly in thin layers. There is some debate among professionals on whether concealer should be applied before or after foundation. We strongly suggest applying the foundation first. Less concealer will be used and the overall look with be more natural.


Concealer is generally a thicker emulsion that is lighter in color than the chosen foundation. It costs a bit more than a foundation and comes in smaller bottles. It is used to conceal areas of discoloration as well as adding some depth to the look. Blending is also the magic word here. When it comes to concealer, a little really does go a long way. Using a foundation and concealer from the same manufacturer will ensure that the products don’t react negatively to each other.


If looking like a ghost is appealing, skip this step. That is how important it is to add a bronzer or blush. Our faces aren’t flat. They are beautifully shaped and should be shown off that way. Using these items will bring out the shape of our faces.



Pucker up, ladies. Anything lip related should be left until the end. Lip colors are strong and spread easily. Just touching a tiny bit of lipstick with a foundation sponge will be catastrophic for the routine. Red smudges up the cheeks? No thanks. If using lip gloss, apply this as the very last step.

Setting powder or spray

The choice on a spray or powder is purely up to personal preference. A setting product helps the whole look last longer. A setting spray goes a step further by penetrating the layers and helping them to lock together. Now apply the lip gloss and we are ready to go.

Following these guidelines will give you a well-layered look that works well. But when all is said and done, it’s still up to each individual to figure out what works well for them. Practice blending as much possible and keep your skincare routine on point for future flawless looks.