A lob, a bob, or a pixie? The best short haircuts you need to have

Your hair is an extension of who you are, so your haircut and the way you style it will give you that extra boost. Cutting your hair regularly is essential to keeping your hair healthy and vibrant, yes, but nothing spells a fresh look like a new haircut, so why not go short?

Short hair is quick and easy to style, and some cuts may not even need any styling at all. What a pleasure! A new haircut can enhance your features and make you feel and look fantastic. Let’s take a look at some short styles and help you decide which one is best for you.

A lob, a bob, or a pixie? The best short haircuts you need to have

Short spikey pixie

This cut is great if you have fine hair. It has a longer length on top with and shorter sides and back. It’s a very versatile and hassle-free style. This cut is a great option for the more mature lady as it allows you to flaunt your gray hairs while looking stylish.

Layered bob

This bob is really chic and modern. It can add volume to your hair and give you that bounce with its layered effect. If you have thick hair, you can perfect this look with no fuss. If you have fine hair, by blow-drying your hair upside down you’ll achieve that body and volume. This hairstyle is relatively hassle-free, which makes it ideal for the woman on the go.


This style suits a heart-shaped face. It gives the look of elegance and style. This is a variant of the bob, but it’s slightly longer, cut either on the shoulder, just above, or just below the shoulder. This cut can be styled in many different ways, which makes it playful. You could flat iron it or give it a soft curl depending on the occasion.

Pixie bob

This is a combination of a pixie cut and an undercut bob. It’s really trendy and is very popular among young women as it’s easy to maintain. You could even have bangs or side bangs with this style. This style is better suited for straight hair.

Wavy curl bob

If you have curly or wavy hair and you want to try out a short haircut, don’t despair; this style will work wonders for you. This gives a real street fashion look, with its slightly messy and unbrushed effect. You could have a side parting or a middle parting but either way, you’ll look amazing.

Choppy bob with bangs

If you’re looking for that straight, messy hair look, then you’ve found just that. This is a slightly longer bob with side bangs. A look that’s so easy to maintain and completely fashionable. No need for hairdryers or styling brushes with this one.

A lob, a bob, or a pixie? The best short haircuts you need to have


This cut is deceivingly versatile as you can style in so many different ways. Any hair type will work, straight, curly, thick, or thin. You could keep it spiky on top, brush it to the side, keep it ruffled on top. You can really play around depending on what look you’re going for.

With so many cute and different styles to choose from, you won’t get bored of having short hair. Factors such as the shape of your face and the texture and thickness of your hair should be taken into account when choosing a style. Whether you’ve always had short hair, or you’re looking to chop your locks for a change, you won’t look back!