Nail kit essentials for the perfect home manicure

Taking a trip down to the local nail bar is not always practical or convenient. Professional manicures can get expensive after a while and not everybody has the luxury of time. We can’t deny that you will probably be guaranteed perfect results in a salon, but with the right tools, you can achieve the same flawless look in the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few nail kit essentials for the perfect manicure at home.

The tools

The key to a perfect manicure is preparation. Nail polish tends to adhere better to nails that have been cleaned and prepared properly. The tools you will need for this is a nail clipper to get the length you desire, a high-quality emery board for shaping the nail, and a nail buffer to smooth out rough surfaces on the nail plate. A cuticle stick and nippers are great for gently pushing your cuticles back away from the nail plate. Your cuticles provide protection against bacteria so be sure not to cut them with the nippers, as these should only be used to remove dirt around the cuticles and to clip those annoying hangnails.


Exfoliating your hands before applying the polish will help to remove any dead skin cells. Dead skin cells are usually the culprits behind those lumpy, uneven manicures. If you are using a store-bought exfoliator, make sure that it does not contain any oil. You want your nail plate to be as dry as possible so the nail polish adheres properly. For anyone on a tight budget, you can whip up your own exfoliator by mixing together a teaspoon of honey and sugar. Just massage it over your hands and wrists for about two minutes and rinse thoroughly.

The polish

Not all nail polishes are created equal so it’s important to invest in high-quality brands for longer wear. There are three types of polishes everyone should have on hand for a flawless manicure. First, and most importantly, the base coat. This helps protect the nail plate, smooth out any ridges, and prevent chipping. The second type of polish is the color coat. There are thousands of types available on the market, so be sure to pick ones that use a good quality applicator brush for a more even, streak-free application. The third and final polish is a topcoat. A good quality topcoat will prevent the color from chipping and add a glamorous shine to your manicure.

The finishing touches

After all the preparation and pampering, there are three things you will need to complete your manicure. For those of you who are not ambidextrous, we suggest investing in a corrector pen. This will help neaten up your manicure by removing any excess polish on your cuticles. Another essential to add to your manicure kit is a bottle of drying oil. Just add a drop to each nail and your polish will dry in a minute. If you have ever tried going to the bathroom with wet nails, you’ll understand why this is a must-have product. The final touch to any manicure is a cuticle massage cream; this will help rehydrate your cuticles and prevent them from tearing so you can say goodbye to hangnails for good.

Now that you have your manicure kit essentials, it’s time to sit back, relax, and pamper yourself.