Which perfume suits you best?

This can seem like a really daunting question to try and answer, especially with the huge variety of perfumes on offer, but once you read these few tips, it should become quite simple.

Between home brands and fashion brands, it can be hard to decide what kind of perfume you want, after all, it is a very personal thing to try to choose. Smells are something that becomes part of memories, triggering perhaps a particular time in your life, or a specific moment. So, it stands to reason that you’ll want those smells to represent you as much as they can. Well, we have great news for you, there are fewer categories to choose from, and a much easier way to decide is through the process of elimination.

Which perfume suits you best?

Choose your tones

There are several ways of categorizing scent, but, according to several sources, there are four categories. Tones include floral, chypre, oriental and Hesperides. So, what does that mean? Floral has tones sourced from various flowers and florals scents, such as rose, geranium, and lavender, probably as you had expected. The ‘chypre’ category is made up of more warm, dry and woody tones top build a more natural scent. The ‘oriental’ category is made up of more exotic scents such as musk, vanilla, and spices, making them rich and sensual. Last, but not least, Hesperides. The Hesperides scents are more commonly known as citrus, bringing together notes of lemon, oranges, tangerines and so on, for the people who are less inclined to the sweeter scents.

The level of concentration

You may have noticed that perfumes don’t come in one standard level of concentration. Generally, the style of fragrance may decide this for you; for example, the chypre category mostly comes as an ‘Eau Fraiche,’ which is the weakest of the entire selection. The list goes from weakest to strongest with ‘Eau Fraiche’ at the bottom going all the way up to ‘parfum.’ The stronger the concentration, the longer it will last. Parfum can last up to eight hours but comes with a heftier price tag as a result.

The best choice for you

You should always test a fragrance before you purchase it, and test whether you genuinely enjoy the combination; especially before you spend so many dollars on something, you may not want. It may be wise to go to a fragrance outlet and ask for a tester belonging to each scent category; this way you can grasp first hand what the differences are like. Try not to get too sucked into celebrity endorsements, because, while it seems appealing purchasing a scent that Celine Dion may or may use, your preferences will likely differ.

Which perfume suits you best?

Your body and your perfume

Fragrance experts suggest that perfume will smell differently due to the individual, which means your personal scent will mix with the perfume you choose. There is no right or wrong here, simply preference, you may have to experiment a bit with what you prefer.

While tastes can be broad, most people find themselves preferring one fragrance category over another, which will narrow your search and help you to discover the right scent for you.