The shape of your eyebrows will change your face

Women everywhere have been changing the shape of their eyebrows for centuries. Yes, it’s really been as long as that, just look at the French aristocracy. However, these days the aim is that they look as natural as possible and enhance what’s already there. It’s essential to get the shape of your brows right as it will change the shape of your entire face, whether rounded, curved, short, or long, they impact how you look.

The shape of your eyebrows will change your face

The angular brow

If you’ve angled your brow upwards at the arch, then you have decided to go for a harsher, more statement eyebrow shape. This can sharpen your features if you have the right face shape. The perfect shaped face for this look is people with a rounded face. It makes the face appear longer, whereas a softer shape would make the face appear much shorter and more rounded. Depending on which you prefer, you can use your eyebrow shape to enhance either one.

The naturally enhanced brow

This is for the oval face shape. This face shape gets away with everything and only needs to enhance the natural shape of the brows. All you need to do to achieve this is follow the soft angle the eyebrow arch naturally forms and there you’ll have the perfect look!

Straight and fancy

If you have a long face shape or one that feels as if it’s longer, then the goal is to make your face shape appear shorter. This means using your eyebrows to do this by making a horizontal line above your eyes before getting to the arch of your brows. You then add a slight tilt to create the arc. This flat shape helps to make the face appear shorter. Of course, if you’ve embraced your face shape and, actually, you want to enhance it, you can always go for the naturally enhanced brow or the angular brow.

Strong or subtle

If you have a square jaw line, then you have two options. You can either naturally enhance your angular face shape by angling your brows and adding a darker color to them. This can look much like the angular brow. However, if you would rather soften your look, then you can add a softer curve to your brow, making it soften your face and your eyes. Whether you’d rather be a harsh temptress or the doe-eyed mystery, the choice is yours.

The shape of your eyebrows will change your face

Rounded and lovely

If you have a heart-shaped face, then you’ll look fantastic with lovely and rounded eyebrows. This enhances your natural face shape and gives you the best out of it by accentuating the natural curve of your face. It’s a natural look for this face shape and stops it seeming more angular and square than it could if you went for a more angular look.

Curving it up

Adding angles and curves to a diamond face shape will make your face seem more softened and more narrow. Lengthening your brows for this works brilliantly, and adds an arch in between soft and statement. It’s the length on this one that seems to make all the difference, as the diamond face shape is wider than many of its other counterparts.

Whatever your ‘official face shape’ everyone is different and, if you prefer one from another, then go for whatever makes you feel amazing. These are here as a general guide to help you understand how your eyebrows change your face shape.