How to dress for a job interview

Interviews are pretty daunting. Not only do you have to decipher what the interviewer is asking, but you also then have to calculate the perfect response.
Not every job interview will be the same, and not every potential employer will have the same expectations. For some employers, it will be obvious what you should and shouldn’t wear. However, for some companies, their dress code is a bit obscure. Here is a quick guide to what to wear for a job interview, and how to rock it.

How to dress for a job interview

Business professional

When in a professional business atmosphere, everyone will be wearing a suit. Men, if you thought you could get away with jeans and a smart shirt for this interview, then you were very much mistaken. In this kind of job, men will be expected to wear a blazer, button-down shirt, suit pants, an appropriate tie, and dress shoes. Ladies, you will be expected to wear either a skirt (at an appropriate length, and not too tight!) or suit pants, and usually, be asked to wear heels. Make sure you take extra care of your appearance for a job interview like this, as image is everything. Get a fresh haircut, wear your best cologne, and walk in with confidence to impress the boss of a place like this.

Business casual

This is the one that more people expect when they are going for an interview. You’ll be pleased to know, for an interview with this kind of dress code, you can forget about wearing a full suit. For the guys, you might decide to wear more casual pants, like chinos or slacks, you can forget the tie, but dress them up with a button-down shirt and dress shoes. Ladies, for this interview, it will be easy to dress. You could wear a conservative dress, a blouse and skirt combo, dress pants and shirt combo with dress shoes or boots. This dress code is everyone’s favorite, and we can see why, it is pretty clear what the employer is expecting, and it isn’t too much effort to fulfill their dress code.


Being interviewed in a casual office is almost a little bit more confusing when considering what to wear. You don’t want to go dressed in a full suit, but equally scruffy pants and your old polo isn’t going to be what they’re after either. It is important to still look professional, so refrain from wearing jeans until you have the job. Guys, you might want to consider wearing a long-sleeved dress shirt, with chinos and a belt with some nice shoes. Ladies might want to wear a casual shirt with pants or an appropriate work dress. Be comfortable, you have already appeared to be unique on your application (otherwise you wouldn’t have been offered an interview) so for this kind of setting, don’t go overboard and be too casual, but equally don’t turn up as if you’ve spent the whole morning pressing the creases out of your best suit.

How to dress for a job interview

This should give you a basis of what to wear, but remember to do your research! Your potential employers are expected to be wowed, so dress to impress and go in with confidence. First impressions count, and you will be remembered if you make a good one, and what is one of the first things people notice about you? Your dress sense. Good luck!