How to be fashion-forward without breaking the bank

We all want to look our best every day, but at what cost? Some fashion boutique prices are out of this world. Looking good doesn’t have to come with such a hefty price tag. We can all be fashion-forward without breaking the bank, and we are not referring to buying the cheapest clothes available. The following guide will help even the most clueless of shoppers to look great while saving.

How to be fashion-forward without breaking the bank

The right style

This might seem like common sense to some, but a lot of us don’t know what sort of fashion we actually want. The result can be a disastrous shopping ordeal. Coming home with too many misfit items and styles that don’t match means that these items don’t really get worn. They end up taking up precious hanger space. Go through some fashion magazines or look online at different styles. Pick a few looks that just feel right and start from there to recreate them.

Evaluate the closet

Set some time aside and take a good look through the closet. Start a charity box or sell those items that have never, or won’t ever be used again. Take a mental inventory of what you have left and use this to build the new styles from. For example, knowing what pants are in the closet will help in deciding the right tops to go with them and vice versa.

Classics for the win

Having a few good quality items that fit well and will last a long time will always look better than a hundred different cheap and low-quality items ever will. Having a few really good classic items that can be dressed up or down is the real key to a fashion chic closet. A pair of high-quality jeans and genuine leather boots will far outlive many low-quality equivalents. Save money in the long run and buy good quality classics first. Classic items differ for each person depending on style. For some it’s those beautiful dark jeans, for others it’s a black dress. Think about the items that would be worn the most, these are the classics.

How to be fashion-forward without breaking the bank

Shop wisely

Sticking to the budget is essential. Shopping with a set amount of physical cash and leaving the credit cards at home is a good option for those who struggle with overspending. Scour the sales and clearance racks at the top end stores to find good quality classic items. For items like everyday tops, the more affordable stores are the way to go. Shopping online for accessories can be a great way to find bargains and take your style to a whole other level. Always keep the closet inventory in mind and buy items that will go with what’s already there.

Looking good goes a long way to helping us feel good, and it can be done without spending a small fortune. The secret to owning the style is confidence, and confidence can make whatever we’re wearing look good. We wear the clothes, the clothes don’t wear us. Remember that.