Here are the best tips on how to dress for a vacation

There is nothing better than packing your bags, knowing that the next morning you’re going to be waking up on an exotic beach, in the middle of a bustling European city, or with snowy mountains right in front of you. Yes, vacations are the highlight of everyone’s year – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a little stressful. After all, how do you dress for a vacation?

How to dress for a vacation

The sightseer

If you’re the kind of person that loves to go on city breaks and explore what a new city has to offer, there’s little chance that you’re going to need a swimsuit and flip-flops. Instead, you need to opt for comfortable yet fashionable clothing that will allow you to walk for hours on end while still looking fabulous. Our suggestion? A colorful midi-dress will give you all of the comforts you may need, but of course, you then need to team this up with a cross-body bag that will fit your guidebook and your camera, as well as some fresh new sunglasses and some comfortable sandals.

The beach lover

Although some people like to explore during their vacation, there are others who just like to appreciate it for what it is… a well-needed break from work! To top up on their R&R, they make their way to the side of the pool or the beach and plant themselves there for a week. If this is you, you still need to have an awesome wardrobe to show the rest of the hotel that you mean business. The best way to do this is to wear a light sundress complete with a whole load of accessories. We’re talking chunky earrings, an awesome summer bag, chunky sandals, and your favorite bikini underneath to top the whole thing off.

How to dress for a vacation

The traveler

We love going on vacation, but getting there is sometimes such a hassle. You might have to fly, you might have to get on a boat, and you might even have to travel for a ridiculous amount of hours. Because of this, you need to make sure that your traveling outfits are on point – but also comfortable. After all, there’s nothing worse than wearing a mini-skirt when you’re pushed against the window on the plane. So, you need to make sure that you can withstand hours of traveling with your first vacation outfit. We’d avoid wearing your beach-ready outfit or your going-out clothes while doing this because it’s never going to be fun. Opt for comfortable jeans and a cool t-shirt, or even some sweats if you want to! The fashion world is your oyster.

Struggling to pack for your upcoming vacation? Never fear; this is how you should dress for a vacation.