There is now a university course dedicated to Kate and Meghan’s royal wardrobes

Have you ever planned one of your outfits based on the royals of the British family and dreamed of unlocking the secrets to their wardrobes? Well now you can! There is a five-week online university course, provided by the University of Glasgow, that you can take. The best part is that this course is free.

1. Signing up

Registering for a course has honestly never been this easy. Type FutureLearn, a London-based digital platform, into your search engine and click on the hyperlink. Once the website has loaded, go to the search option and type in “A History of Royal Fashion” and click on the course. They will give you 3 options: one will be a free option that will allow you access to the course for 7 weeks and the other options are paid versions. They will ask you to fill out your name and surname, your email address, and to create a password. Within minutes they will send you an email with access to the course and you can even start immediately if you choose to do so!

There is now a university course dedicated to Kate and Meghan’s royal wardrobes

2. Course details and contents

Week 1: The Tudors (1506-1603) – this week will teach you about the key events and styles of the era. You will also receive a guide to teach you how to create your own ruff.

Week 2: The Stuarts (1603-1714) – this week aims to teach you about masque costumes and fancy dresses and how they were definitely not all about entertainment.

Week 3: The Georgians (1714-1837) – learn about all of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of courtly fashion of this era, as this era was very much about politeness and refinement.

Week 4: The Victorians (1837-1901) – explore the impact that technology has on fashion in this section.

Week 5: The Windsors – this section shows you how royal fashion has changed to fit the modern times we live in.

Every week has its own videos, articles, discussions, and exercises that need to be completed. You will have to spend about 4 hours on the course per week which is definitely manageable. The articles and descriptions are summarized very well and are easy to understand so even school students are more than welcome to partake in this course. For those of you who do not enjoy history as much, do not worry! This course also aims to teach you about fabrics, textiles, and design. You will even be given the opportunity to create your own design!

3. Certificate

If you decide that you want a certificate so that you can brag about your accomplishments to your friends, then you will have to upgrade to one of the paid versions. The first option is $54, and this will allow you to access the course for as long as it is available on FutureLearn. The other option is $239, and this allows you access to the course for a year and have access to many other online courses as well.

There is now a university course dedicated to Kate and Meghan’s royal wardrobes

4. Related courses

For those of you who identify as foodies, there is also a course available for you. It is called “A History of Royal Foods and Feasting” and is definitely recommended for those of you who want to explore some royal recipes. This course is not available as of yet but will be released soon. You can subscribe to their mailing list and then they will let you know as soon as its available.