Vintage fashion items that are making a comeback

Many of us have seen those #ThrowbackThursday posts, but what about if we took an even bigger step back in fashion time? That’s right; we’re talking about the vintage fashion items that are coming back with style.


Velvet was once all over the world, but did you know it first hit the catwalk way back in the 12th century? That’s right; it was a way to show off your wealth to the world. However, it has now become one of the biggest trends of the year thanks to its versatility. Pants, tops, and even dresses just wouldn’t be the same without this incredible vintage fashion statement.

Vintage fashion items that are making a comeback

Band tees

Okay, so this might not be so vintage as it is the 1970s, but band tees are a sure-fire way to keep up with the fashion trend while injecting a touch of nostalgia into your look. No longer do you have to worry about getting your t-shirt from the latest concert. Now, they are everywhere and go with everything from ripped jeans to blazers.


Embroidery might have once been the thing that was reserved for doilies and tablecloths, but it is now the statement that everyone has been searching for. Denim jackets are one of the perfect ways to embrace this trend, but embroidery can also be the ideal addition for scarves or sweaters, too. To top it off, many charity shops have a ton of items just waiting to be found.

Bell sleeves

The 18th century was filled with bell sleeves. From dresses to shirts – there was nothing that didn’t have a bell sleeve to its name. When the ‘70s rolled around, the trend came back to bring the decade to life. It’s been many years, but now, bell sleeves are back at it once again. Blouses and sweaters are just some of the many things that have received this treatment in the last few years and are at the top of vintage fashion items that are coming back with style.

Vintage fashion items that are making a comeback


When thinking of vintage fashion, it might be easy to picture a ruffled outfit. Although we might have moved on from the days of ruffle collars and over-puffed skirts, it seems as though there are still plenty of the styles that have made their way to modern times. The best bit? Ruffles aren’t just limited to clothes. No, there have been plenty of purses and even shoes that have all featured their own variation on the look.

It seems as though sometimes we need to look backward for our fashion trends, not forward. Perhaps that’s why these vintage fashion items are coming back with style?