The weirdest fashion trends ever

We are used to fashion designers presenting us with weird, strange outfits every time fashion shows come around. Most of these are not practical, but we still get celebrities who wear these same pieces to events. Throughout history, there have been trends in fashion that have not only been strange and weird but straight out bizarre.

What makes these trends even more shocking is the fact that they were embraced by society as something stylish. Some of the more recent weird trends have however remained something that majority of people look at from a distance and never try. In this article, we’ll be looking at the weirdest fashion trends ever.

The weirdest fashion trends ever

1. Lotus Feet

Wearing outfits of unusual designs, having plastic surgery on various body parts, piercings and tattoos are common practices among those seeking to stay fashionable. What’s not common is altering the growth of limbs to attain a certain level of beauty. This used to be a popular trend in China, lasting up to a century. Young girls would have their feet bound tightly to alter their shape and size. This practice emerged among upper class court dancers and was considered a mark of beauty and a status symbol. Starting with elite women, it gradually spread to all social classes. It was a painful practice that limited mobility and didn’t get banned until the twentieth century. Of all the weird fashion trends, this is easily the most horrifying one.

2. Black Teeth

White, shining and straight teeth are all the range nowadays. Black teeth are considered unsightly and no one wants them. The opposite was true in old Elizabethan England. After a period of sugar shortage, the commodity was finally available in England during the time of Elizabeth 1. The Queen had a thing for sweets, and it showed in her blackened decaying teeth. Soon, women made this a fashion trend that was meant to show others that they were rich enough to afford sugar, with some having their teeth blackened purposely.

3. Framed Skirts

Obsession with big round hips has been around for a while, and fashion had a way to deal with it in the nineteenth century. Women would wear skirts partly made with wood or steel which would push the skirt outwards, creating the illusion of big hips. Just like the Chinese lotus feet, these skirts had their share of tragedy to them. Due to their stiffness, women were often caught in dangerous situations that they couldn’t easily escape from like fires.

The weirdest fashion trends ever

4. Chopines

Recently, a fashion designer had his model strut out in 10 inch stiletto boots that caused quite the stir. If you think that was going too far, you haven’t heard of the fifteenth century Venetian Chopines. These shoes were made from metal, cork or wood and stood around 20 inches tall in order to keep the wearer out of the mud in the streets. They were a status symbol, so there were lots of women cruising around in them. They were a pretty big deal, because when a woman couldn’t really balance on them, she got an attendant to help her maintain it.

It’s evident from these weird trends that perception by society was a major influence towards what people wore or put their bodies through. While it can be said that the obsession with fashion’s connection to social status is no longer as dangerous as it was back then, we still have modern versions of weird trends.