Choosing the right type of yoga for you

If you have ever been in a yoga class, then you have surely experienced the sense of calm, serenity, inner strength, and sore muscles that only yoga can provide. However, most people are unaware that there are quite a few different types of yoga. So how do know which one to choose if the options are there? Today we are explaining the different types of yoga and how to know which one is right for you.

It’s not so much about which one feels right. It’s more about what we are hoping to gain from the yoga that will guide us to the right style.

Choosing the right type of yoga for you

Hatha – for beginners

For first-time yoga students, the aim is to learn, and it’s best to start off easy. More advanced classes could result in possible injuries. Beginners need a class that teaches the different poses (asanas) and how to hold them, breathing techniques (pranayama) as well as meditation (dyana.) The perfect style of yoga to start out with is Hatha and is the most common class given across the U.S.

Ashtanga-Vinyasa – for slimming

This physically demanding style synchronizes breath and movement. The result is a strong internal heat that purifies the body. This style strengthens the core and tones while building upper body strength. Feel the burn as the fast-paced movements have you sweating in no time.

Bikram – to detox

Speaking of sweating, this one is hot! And while it is surely popular, we are actually referring to the temperature. A series of 26 postures with varying breathing techniques are performed in a sauna-like environment. The temperature is set at a sweltering 105 degrees with at least 40 percent humidity for 90 minutes. The heat really allows the students to dig deep into the stretches and poses. Blood circulation will be at its best performance during this class and the aim is to sweat out those toxins.

Lyengar – for mobility and stability

Particularly therapeutic for those with specific conditions and limitations who wish to cultivate their strength. This method safely builds up core strength, flexibility, and stability by holding poses for longer periods of time. Close attention is paid to the anatomical alignment of each pose with different props being used to assist specific postures.

Choosing the right type of yoga for you

Kundalini – for increasing creativity and passion

A spiritual practice for experienced yoga students. The method uses rhythm, breath, movement, and sound in a multidimensional way to shift the body’s energy into better alignment. Alternating between movement and rest allows our chi to flow and releases emotional and psychological blocks that are holding us back from being our naturally creative and passionate selves.

Integral – to become more centered

A slow and gentle class that focuses heavily on pranayama, deep relaxation, and meditation. The student will find a place of peace and happiness within, while they slowly flow through the asanas. This method focuses on the whole person, the body, mind, and soul for an overall out of this world experience. Particularly good for those who have been overworked and overstressed.

As we can see, there is a type of yoga available for all types of people with all sorts of goals. Be sure to find out what your intentions are before beginning to ensure that you are making the perfect yoga choice.