Things you can you do if you’re suffering from back pain

While it might look as though we’re in full health, our back pain can sometimes make it feel as though we’re in our 80s. Suffering from back pain doesn’t have to dominate your life – especially when you learn how to relieve the symptoms.

Use a pillow

Sometimes, our back pain can make it feel as though we’ll never head off to sleep. However, the way we sleep can have a significant effect on our spine. Lying on your side with a pillow between your knees is one of the best ways to support your back while you rest and recover while laying on your back with a pillow underneath your knees can be just as effective.

Practice posture

It can be easy to find yourself slumped over your computer as you’re two hours deep into checking your emails. However, this can be a leading cause for causing back pain as well as aggravating any current symptoms. It’s best to remind yourself to sit tall with relaxed shoulders every now and then until it becomes a natural position.

Walk tall

Many doctors once thought that rest was the best way to recover from pain in the back. Now, studies have shown that movement is actually the best medicine for many aches and pains in our spine. Our backs are designed to move, and gentle walking while keeping your head high and neck and shoulders relaxed can help to alleviate pain as well as strengthen muscles to prevent further aches in the future.

Try yoga

Just like walking, yoga can be the perfect way to overcome many back pains. Sometimes, gentle stretching is all our muscles need to feel brand new. However, it’s essential to listen to your body. If you feel as though you are doing too much or it’s too uncomfortable to get into a particular pose then stop immediately and try an alternative method to relieve your back pain instead.

Heat and ice

Ice is great for helping to reduce any swelling in the body while heat can help to encourage blood flow to the area and promote recovery. Ice packs wrapped in a towel can be a good place to start, while a heating pad or warm bath can help to warm things up on the other end of the scale. Just 20 minutes can be enough to help with any symptoms.

Take a dip

Taking a gentle swim can do wonders for many suffering from backache. The water can help to take any pressure off our joints – relieving any trapped pain as a result. Plus, the movement of swimming can help to ease those muscles out from all those tight shapes they might have contorted themselves into during the ache.

Whether you have persistent backache or it’s a sudden pain that seems to be plaguing your day, there are many ways that we can help the symptoms to disappear as quickly as they arrived. Hopefully, it shouldn’t be long before you’re feeling back to your usual self – free of any aches.