Things you should never wear to the gym

Whether you’re already a workout expert or are just discovering the benefits of the local gym, there are still things to learn every day. For example, did you know that some workout clothes could actually be hindering your progress? They say “dress for success” and the same definitely applies when you’re hitting the gym. Don’t believe us? Try swapping out these things you should never wear to the gym and see if those stats improve.

Things you should never wear to the gym

Old sneakers

Did you know that you should be replacing your sneakers for every 300 miles? If you’re wearing worn-out sneakers then you could actually be doing yourself more harm than good. If you’re unsure how many miles you’ve been running in those shoes, then take a look at the bottom. If you cannot see the tread or design on the bottom, chances are they need to be replaced. The problem with old sneakers is that they no longer provide the right amount of cushioning or shock absorption. The worn-out bottoms can also stop your feet from being aligned properly, which can then lead to knee or hip problems. If those sneakers are looking a little worse for wear, it’s time to buy new ones!

100% cotton

Have you ever wondered why workout clothes aren’t made out of 100% cotton? It’s because this fabric will absorb all of the sweat that comes out of you when you’re pumping iron. By the time you’re drenched in sweat, wearing 100% cotton clothes will make it feel as though you’re wearing a wet towel. While cotton may smell less than the lycra most gym clothes are made from, there is a reason many people advise against it. Moist clothing is a breeding ground for bacteria, which can then lead to fungal infections. Nice. Avoid the 100% cotton clothing and go for the workout clothes that have been designed for purpose.


The last thing you want is an accident in the gym, so it’s a good idea to leave the jewelry at home (especially if you don’t want to keep it in the locker). Long necklaces can get caught in elliptical arms, earrings can be pulled out by flailing arms, and rings can cause major issues when you’re lifting weights. Take all of your jewelry off before you enter the gym, as there have been some pretty bad horror stories about those who don’t.

Things you should never wear to the gym


It may not come as much of a surprise to see this on the list, but it is worrying how many people still wear a full face of makeup when they hit the gym. One of the biggest reasons you shouldn’t wear cosmetics on your face during a workout is because of the sweat. Dirt and oil will build up under the makeup, which will then cause problems such as blocked pores and acne. You’ll then find yourself wearing more makeup to try and cover the breakouts, and this ends up in a vicious cycle. Everyone is focused on what they are doing at the gym, not your #NoMakeUp face, so leave the foundation at home. Always make sure you cleanse and moisturize your face properly after a workout session and before putting on makeup, too.

The next time you head to the gym make sure you scan through this list. Do you have any of these items on? If so, take them off and see what a difference it makes.