Workout classes everyone should try

Want to ramp up your fitness game this year, but hate the usual pumping iron at the gym? Forget everything you thought you knew about working out and head to some weird and wonderful fitness classes instead. Here are the work out classes everyone should try at least once.


Most of us have heard of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), but have you ever heard of HIIS? This stands for high-intensity interval skipping and is set to take the world by storm in 2019. It’s believed that you can burn up to 1200 calories in a single session and it’s a workout routine that many of the Victoria’s Secret Angels swear by. So, it’s time to grab your skipping rope and set your interval timer. Short, sharp bursts of skipping is the way to go.

Trampoline fitness

This work out trend has been taking the world by storm in the last few months, and it’s only set to get bigger. It involves bouncing away on a mini trampoline, usually as loud music blares in the background. It’s thought that you can burn over 1,000 calories an hour at a bounce fitness class, and it’s great for your lymphatic system too. Not only that, but the classes feel like one big party. Swap your night out on the town with one of these classes, and you’ll instantly see results.

Muay Thai

Want to relieve the stress of a long, hard day at work. Boxing classes have always been popular, but it seems as though this particular style of Thai boxing is what everyone wants to try out this year. This type of boxing focuses on the fists, knees, shins, and elbows, and is said to be great for improving reaction times and general coordination. Plus, you can burn some serious calories per hour while punching away all of the stress. What’s not to love?

Aerial fitness

If you’re not afraid of heights, then aerial fitness could be the perfect workout class for you. You can swing from the ceiling on a hoop and ribbons, or even take part in yoga mid-air. This is the ideal workout for both your arm and ab muscles, which tend to be some of the hardest ones to train. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re in The Greatest Showman as you fly through the air. One look at the ab muscles of any aerial fitness lover will convince you to sign up right away.


Yet another workout that Victoria’ Secret Angels apparently swear by is barre. Inspired by the use of a ballet barre, the exercises you’ll do in this class will give you that lean dancer body that you’ve always dreamed of. It’s also a low-impact workout, meaning it’s good for those just getting back into fitness or if you have an injury.

Working out doesn’t need to be boring if you know the right work out classes to go to! Instead of hitting the machines at the gym, give one of these unique ideas a try. You might just find something you love.