Ways to save money while eating out

Going out for a meal is always a great way to spend an evening, especially if you’re looking to catch up with family or friends. It saves you having to cook something yourself, leaving you free to drink, dine, and discuss everything under the sun. There’s just one problem with eating out – the cost. No-one said good food came cheap, and dining out regularly can have quite an impact on your bank account. However, if you’re worried about throwing away your hard earned cash on meals, there are some great ways to save money when eating out.

Ways to save money while eating out

Think about your drink

You can’t go to a restaurant without getting a drink to go with your meal. However, this little add-on could be costing you more than you think. If you want to save a few bucks, opt for something like water, or a soft drink at the most. If you want something a little stronger, just wait until you get back home.

It’s all about the special offers

No matter what day it is, there’s bound to be a restaurant nearby that’s offering up some sort of discount for a meal. Whether it’s two-for-one, half-off, or something else just as convenient, there’s bound to be a discount that works for you. You might have to sign up to mailing lists or join an online saver’s club, but the money you’ll end up saving will be worth the hassle.

We heard it’s your birthday

Birthdays are a time for celebration, and most people mark the occasion by going out for a meal. While you might be able to score yourself a discount on the day, you’re better off seeing if they have a birthday club in advance. In these situations, you can register the birthdays of you and your loved ones to get things like free desserts or money off when the special day arrives.

Ways to save money while eating out

Skip the big celebrations

While it might be great to eat out on your birthday, you’ll probably want to avoid going to a restaurant for any other big celebration. It’s common now for establishments to set fixed-price menus on these days, meaning saving yourself money isn’t an option. As romantic as a Valentine’s Day meal might be, there’s nothing cute about the hit your bank balance will take. If you really want to celebrate these occasions by dining out, do so on the days before or after the holiday

Don’t do dinner

If you’re planning on having a meal with some friends, your wallet could benefit from going out at lunchtime rather than in the evening. Usually, meals are cheaper at this time of day, especially if you’re ordering something from a specific lunch menu. It might only mean the difference of a few bucks, but that can make a huge difference down the line. Plus, as long as you’re getting good food, does it really matter what time you go out to eat?

No-one wants to be thinking about money when they go for a meal. Thankfully, with these tips in mind, you can relax while dining out with friends and family.