Best things to flavor water with, to get yourself to drink more

Many of us have been bombarded with the importance of drinking enough water, but what if we want something with a little more flavor? It can be easy to opt for another drink instead. Hold right there; these are the best things to flavor water with that will put all of those excuses to rest.

Best things to flavor water with, to get yourself to drink more


There’s a reason that health spas across the world serve up cucumber in their water: it’s a refreshing way to add a little bit of class to plain water. All you need to do is finely slice the cucumber and leave it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, depending on how strong you like the taste. Plus, you can add in other flavors if you want a more intense taste from your flavored water.


Mint can be one of the best ways to make a refreshing drink on those hot summer days. All it takes is a few leaves added into the water to help the flavor come to life. The best bit? Keeping your water in the fridge and even adding in a few ice cubes can take this refreshing drink to the next level, helping you to stay cool and hydrated throughout the day.


Some of us love the idea of ginger in just about every meal. Would you believe that you can now add it to your water too if you want to find a flavor that will help you drink more of the stuff? Less is usually more when it comes to flavoring our water with ginger, but it could have a host of benefits. One of the many side effects is our immune system will be in for a boost as a result.

Citrus fruit

Oranges, lemons, and limes are all on the menu for adding some zing to your water. Adding in fruit means that you’ll get all the benefits of the good stuff without adding anything extra to your plate. To top it off, citrus fruit can be used on its own or combined together to make a more exotic-tasting glass. As if that wasn’t enough, the fruit is often said to be calming on digestive systems and can help boost our immune system.

Best things to flavor water with, to get yourself to drink more


Thankfully, this can be a simple way to help make sure we’re getting all the benefits from strawberries without serving up a bowl of fruit. All you need to do is half of quarter your berries, depending on how large they are to start with. Then, merely leave them to infuse with the water and voila! The water will help to draw out all the antioxidants from the fruit for a boost with your drink.


Yes, you read that correctly. Tea really can be another way to flavor our water. All you need to do is place in your regular tea bag to get the full flavor. It takes a little longer for tea to infuse with cold water, meaning you might have to wait a few hours, but it will be just like drinking your usual cup – just cold!

Many of us long to drink more water. However, sometimes our bodies want something with a little more flavor. Have no fear; the best things to make flavored water could soon meet all your needs and boost your water intake at the same time. Perfect!