Ways to decrease the risk of getting diabetes

As one of the most prevalent and life-altering diseases, diabetes is something that most of us, unfortunately, have a chance of developing – especially if we don’t carefully look after our bodies in the ways that we should.

Although some of us are more prone to developing the disease than others, there are, of course, still things we can change about our habits and behaviors that can drastically decrease our risk.

Cut out refined sugar

If you have a real sweet tooth, be aware that eating excessive amounts of sugary foods is the biggest cause of developing diabetes. The more sweet treats you have in your diet, the higher the levels of insulin you’ll likely have in your body. A special sugary treat is absolutely fine as part of a balanced diet, but we should ensure we avoid refined sugars wherever we can.

Ways to decrease the risk of getting diabetes

Drink plenty of water

Water is another crucial factor in staying healthy, so always make it your primary beverage. Not only is a high consumption of water itself thought to be beneficial to the function of insulin, but the more water you drink, the less you’ll be consuming beverages that are high in sugars and preservatives like sodas. Sugary drinks are thought to be a massive contributor to the development of diabetes, so never, ever make these types of drinks your primary source of hydration.

Lose your excess weight

The vast majority of people with diabetes are those who are overweight. The more weight you carry around your midsection, the more likely you are to carry excessive amounts of visceral fat in your organs that promotes increased levels of insulin. In general, it’s always best to stay at a healthy BMI level, and this can be achieved by restricting your portion sizes and reducing your carb intake. Healthy choices in your diet make for a healthy functioning body.

Stop smoking

Smoking is known to contribute towards a long list of health conditions, and this list certainly includes diabetes. Studies have shown that smoking is heavily linked to the onset of the disease, especially in middle-aged male smokers who are thought to be at an increased risk of 61% of developing Type 2 diabetes. You don’t need another reason to quit cigarettes, stop now!

Get yourself a workout routine

Frequent exercise is an important factor in any health-related condition, and diabetes is no exception. Frequently performing physical activity is a great way to keep your blood sugar levels under control, and if you work out regularly, your body’s insulin function is more likely to remain at a healthy level. Studies have shown that the best exercises for reducing insulin resistance are aerobic exercises, HIIT sessions, and weight training.

Ways to decrease the risk of getting diabetes

Eat more fiber

High-fiber diets are a great way of reducing your risk of developing diabetes. This is not just because high-fiber foods like grains, beans and vegetables tend to be low in sugar, but because the active molecules in insoluble fibers are also linked to reducing levels of sugars in your blood.

There’s a whole host of other tips and tricks when it comes to reducing your risks of diabetes – including drinking tea, optimizing your levels of vitamin D, consuming special herbs (curcurimin, berberine), but the truth is, all you can do is live a healthy lifestyle to the best of your abilities. Your body is a delicate temple, so treat it with kindness.