Getting fired is not the end of the world – here’s why

Fired, sacked, let go… there are many words for it, but there are also many reasons. Whether it’s because of poor performance, retrenchment, company downsizing, or things just aren’t working out, being dismissed is one of the worst and embarrassing experiences of a career. It can plunge someone into despair and depression quicker than you can say “canned.” Although the outlook may look rather bleak at the time, being fired is not the end of the world. There is life after unemployment.

Getting fired is not the end of the world – here’s why

Get over it

Being fired leaves some in tears, some angry, and some in denial. Whatever the emotion, it’s important to stay calm, ride it through, and then move on. We can’t allow negative emotions and thoughts to consume us. Wallowing in self-pity has never accomplished anything and will certainly not help the situation one bit. The longer we take to get back on our feet, the harder it is, so don’t give up.

Assess yourself

Being fired for poor performance or making a huge mistake is the worst out of all the reasons because the blame rests on ourselves. Use this reality check to assess yourself. Own the situation and stop passing on the blame to others, it isn’t going to help anyway. What can be changed to prevent this from happening in the future? Now is the time to be humble and honest. Too many sick days? Not enough sales compared to colleagues? Poor overall work ethic? Pinpoint the shortfalls and make a point to work on them.

Being let go due to retrenchment or company downsizing at least comes without the guilt. But this is still the right time to assess ourselves. Was this position really a good fit? Did it make me happy? These are important questions to ask. And if the answers are “no,” then there’s no better time to make a change.

Stay organized

Always be one step ahead. Take a good look at the finances. If there is a savings account, that at least provides some financial comfort, but it won’t last forever and it’s not a good idea to eat into our savings unnecessarily. Now is the time to make payment arrangements with our debts. Now is also the time to spice up that resume and get it out there as soon as possible. Let it be known on social platforms that job hunting is afoot.

Getting fired is not the end of the world – here’s why

New opportunities

We have all heard the term “when one door closes, another door opens.” This quote is so true. Use this dreadful experience as an opportunity to find career happiness, go back to school, or even to travel if it’s affordable. They say that a change is as good as a holiday, so take a little time and make some changes. If the right job doesn’t come along straight away, consider freelancing or doing odd jobs here and there to fill the gap. Even taking a temporary position can be a super stepping stone until the right gig comes along. 85 percent of fired people find better opportunities and greater job happiness after the transition.

It all boils down to a positive mindset. Where there is positivity, only success can follow. Look at this opportunity as the first day of the rest of your beautiful life.