Simple ways to exercise your willpower

Willpower is something that has long been thought to have been predetermined at birth. It’s either something you have or don’t have. We often look at those who workout and eat healthy while saying “that person obviously has great willpower.” But this is simply not true. Science has uncovered the mysteries of willpower and has found that it can be trained like any other muscle in the body. Think of it as the muscle of the brain, if you will. Just like specific muscles require specific exercises for the best results, willpower can be improved with these simple yet effective practices.


Those who meditate regularly probably don’t even realize that they are improving their willpower. Starting out with just ten minutes a day can show signs of willpower improvement within the first week. Find a quiet space and focus and don’t let the mind wander.



Correcting our posture every time we catch ourselves slouching uses our willpower to keep those muscles in check. Added benefits of this is a stronger core in the long run.


Working on the same principle as posture. Correcting our speech is another great way to give our willpower a workout. It’s up to the individual to decide in what way they want to make corrections. Correcting too much swearing or using filler words too frequently are generally the top choices in this option.

Use the opposite hand

This is a great one to try out and can be quite a challenge. Only do this for a maximum of an hour each day. Using the opposite hand takes a large slice of willpower energy and anything more than an hour will burn out that energy quickly.

Finance tracking

Using a budget and sticking to it can be a difficult task for those whose willpower is on the weak side. Keeping track of what is spent and where can even be done with a simple budgeting app.

Plank or squeeze a handgrip

Use physical exercise to exercise willpower. Ever used a handgrip? It creates a real burn in the forearm and it will take some willpower to push through for as long as possible. Planking also uses tremendous amounts of willpower, but it is so worth it and rewarding to accomplish a few. We never know the value of second until we are in a plank position. Another added bonus is that we are strengthening our cores and arms at the same time.


Temp yourself regularly

We all have a little guilty pleasure that we are too weak to resist. This is the exact item we need to temp ourselves with on a daily basis. Training our minds to resist the urge to give in to temptation and cravings is one of the most difficult things to master. Carrying this item around with us all day and not giving in to it is the best way to beat the craving.

Remember that we said that willpower is like a muscle? Well, it really is. Even to the point where it can become fatigued just like a muscle can. The above tips and techniques will train our willpower for endurance. Be sure not to try all of these at the same time or your willpower will be exhausted in no time. Pick a couple at a time and focus on them for a couple of weeks. Then change up the routine.