What is speed dating and why you should try it

Dipping your toes into the pool of dating can be a struggle. After all, you have no idea if the waters are going to be filled with sharks or not. Dating is even more difficult in the modern world. It seems as though people don’t meet up in real life anymore, but are instead glued to their dating apps in the hope that they will find their perfect person online. Of course, there are some people who don’t want to meet their potential husband or wife through a screen, so they decided to give speed dating a go. Here’s why you should, too…

What is speed dating?

Speed dating gives you the chance to avoid awkward silences and unwanted eye contact, but it also gives you the chance to meet even more people in one go. That’s because the basic premise of speed dating is that a huge number of singles make their way to a venue, and then spend a short amount of time getting to know each person. Within anything from 60 seconds to five minutes, you have the chance to see if there’s a spark and ask the pressing questions that everyone wants to know. Once this time limit is up, you move onto the next person and see whether you have a connection with them. Once you’re done, you can either go home without having had any luck, or you could leave with a few numbers and the chance of a second date. So, why should you try it?

It’s a whole load of fun

If you’re the kind of person that loves to meet new people, then speed dating will be the perfect night out for you. It gives you the chance to meet numerous potential love interests within the space of a few hours, and you can forge connections with all of them if you want – even if you just make a few friends along the way! You can share your own story, you can listen to others, and you can have a fun night out of the house.

It’s very safe

The threat of online dating is what puts many people off the process of using apps and websites. Speed dating takes away that risk, as you are meeting the person right in front of your very eyes, and there’s no chance of them being a catfish. This first meeting during the speed dating process allows you to make your own judgments, and then decide whether you want to take the relationship further in a safe and secure way.

It’s quick and relatively painless

If you hate dating and you also hate the person that’s sitting in front of you during a speed dating event, you can rest easy knowing that it will be over quickly. While it might be a little uncomfortable, it’s relatively painless as you know that you have just a few minutes before you are moving onto the next person. If this was an online scenario, you might have wasted weeks of your life talking to the same person, because you didn’t know what they were really like in person. By going through the speed dating process, you can wheedle out the people you aren’t interested in with ease.

If you’re looking for a special someone in your life, then why don’t you give speed dating a go?