What color should you paint your bedroom according to your personality?

For many people, the bedroom is their most intimate space. This is the room where they get to relax after a day of work and socializing. It’s the one room in the house they can be assured of privacy, providing time for reflection. If like many others your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, then you must want to make it as hospitable as possible. After all, our surroundings matter a lot when it comes to the kind of experience we get out of a place. As you might have already realized, a bed does not make a bedroom. Once you’ve had the essential upholstery in place, there are a few other things that will help transition your bedroom from just a room you sleep in to a room you enjoy spending time in.

Color comes in handy in a lot of things in life, and one of it’s most powerful capabilities is its effect on mood. Unknown to many, the colors around affect and stimulate our moods. Some colors can leave you feeling depressed while others will lift your dark moods to a better place. It all depends on your personality and preferences.

What color should you paint your bedroom according to your personality?

The relationship between color and mood means that the kind of color on your bedroom walls is very important. With the right color that suits your personality, your bedroom will become more personalized and you’ll always feel at home in there. Below are colors and their suitability according to personalities.


If you love the outdoors, then green is undoubtedly the color for you. Bringing those natural shades of green into your room will give you the feeling of nature, keeping you relaxed and soothed. Green is also perfect for down to earth people. If you get along with people just fine and hate the idea of drama, green will work for you.


This bright color suits people who spend a lot of their time in their minds, literally. It provides just the right ambience to relax in while carrying along intellectual activities. If you’re a dreamer, a yellow bedroom will be your perfect cocoon.


Most people shy away from bold colors. Mostly they’re worried they’ll get it all wrong and end up looking ridiculous. Likewise, they shy away from incorporating such colors in their spaces. That’s why red is the ideal color for bold, adventurous and passionate personalities. There’s nothing that screams daring than a dash of red, whether it’s part of your outfit or the color you choose to paint your room. If you’re confident, willing to try unbeaten paths and always looking on the bright side of things, red will work for you.

What color should you paint your bedroom according to your personality?


Like red, orange is a great color for extroverts. Orange brings an enthusiastic vibrancy to any room. It would be hard to look at an orange accentuated room and not think of fun. So, if you’re the kind of person who’s always looking for new exciting adventures, opportunities to meet new people and see new places, orange will keep you as psyched as you like.
It can be surprising what a simple color change can do to your bedroom, so don’t be afraid to try out new things. If you feel that the color you have on your walls is pulling you down with it, go looking for colors that give your mind a wakening jolt.