Fun ways to decorate your home with plants

Potted plants can be the perfect way to add a little life to our homes, and they no longer have to be boring. In fact, there are plenty of fun ways to decorate your home with plants that will soon make you the talk of your friends.

Think colors

If you love the natural look, then why not opt for an all-white color scheme for your pots? If you want to inject some color to your life, then mismatching pots in all different colors can be the perfect additions! While it might seem as though choosing greenery for your home is all about the plants themselves, the pots can be just as important too. If you can’t find any colors you like, then there’s always a can of paint.

Fun ways to decorate your home with plants

Use a bench

Sometimes, a little work on the presentation can go a long way. In fact, using a bench can be a brilliant addition to any corner of the room. A bench with shelves will add multiple layers to your home garden as you choose all different kinds of plants of varying heights. Plus, they are usually super easy to move around the home meaning you no longer have to dedicate to a final placement.

Hang ‘em high

Yes, even the ceiling can become a place to place our plants. Hanging plant pots are a massive trend as they add a whole new dimension to any room. They come in so many varying styles that there’s a hanger for almost everyone. The best bit? They work with all kinds of plants! Thick, green plants will come to life in these hangers while trailing plants will be able to show off their true potential at long last thanks to the extra height.

Make a headboard

Yup, you read that right. All you need to do is create some shelves behind your bed, and you have the perfect space to fill with plants of all shapes and sizes. If you’re worried about a cactus landing on your head in the night, then you can always adapt this idea to other areas of the room. Using shelves filled with plants can be the ultimate room divider or a unique splashback in any kitchen.

Fun ways to decorate your home with plants

Find funky pots

It seems as though just about anything can create the perfect plant pot. All you need to do is look for a little inspiration. Many stores sell novelty pots that are sure to brighten up any home. On the other hand, you could opt for small terrariums to house your plants or a set of geometric pots to add another layer of fun to your greenery. If you’re feeling really creative, then you could create your own unique plant pots and make all your friends jealous.

Pot plants are the ultimate way to inject some life into your home – and some plants even come with several health benefits. Now, it seems as though you can enjoy the extra green in your life while still having fun. Could it get any better?