Why you should have a morning routine

We all know the cliche moment when we see a movie character wake up, their hair facing every direction, and a look on their face that could scare a troll. But the truth is that some of us identify wholeheartedly with that depiction. Mornings are tough for some people – they consist of rushing around and frantic attempts to get ready.

The most successful people throughout history have had one thing in common – a solid morning routine. From the musical genius Beethoven to the mastermind investor Warren Buffett, they all have taken mornings in their stride. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider having a morning routine, or possibly reevaluate your current routine to make it more efficient.

It cuts down on stress

We’ve all been there: woken up late, rushed to get everything together, and got irritated when something slowed us down. Then we leave the house and realize we forgot something. If you don’t have a morning routine you are guaranteed to be stressed out in the first few minutes of your day and this puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It’s difficult to be productive when you’re in a bad mood. So, get a healthy flow going and make sure to wake up on time for the good of your entire day.

Why you should have a morning routine

It gives you more time in a day

If you wake up and saunter from task to task, you waste quite a lot of time thinking about what to do next. If your morning routine is haphazard, it could cause you to start your day later than you are supposed to – which is essentially wasted time. On the other hand, if you are efficient you may end up getting where you need to go earlier, which gives you a few minutes to do things you might not have been able to, like check your emails.

It sets the pace

Being an efficient individual takes quite a bit of practice. Where better to practice than in your own space and as soon as you open your eyes? Having a morning routine will train you to be an efficient person throughout the day which, over the long term, will help you reach your goals. That’s why the most successful people in the world can attribute their achievements, at least in part, to having a solid morning routine.

It brings predictability

Having a morning routine includes getting enough sleep to be more prepared for the day. You can predict with better success how your morning and your day will go if you have a routine. It might sound a bit mundane, but imagine how much less you have to stress when you don’t get the shock of something unexpected and if something unfortunate happens, it will be easier to deal with.

Why you should have a morning routine

You’ll feel more fulfilled

Over time, the reduced stress of not having to rush around in the morning gives you a greater sense of control over your life. And the feeling is true –  you actually will have more control over your life. You’ll feel in charge, and you truly are the captain of your life. Getting ready in the morning will feel like a breeze compared to the struggle seen in movies and shows. So, find your routine and use it to become the next great pioneer!