The best outdoor gear brands to get you on your way

Getting the perfect gear is an important part of planning for a successful venture to the outdoors. Outdoor gear are designed to offer you comfort and a sense of style in whatever outdoor adventure you are into. There are outdoor gear for every occasion or adventure, be it camping, hiking, mountain climbing among other outdoor indulgences.

So, do you know any kind of outdoor gear brands? They are so many such that if you chose a brand for every outdoor activity, you wouldn’t have the last of them. There is nothing to hinder you from getting quality outdoor gear, not even the worst of weather conditions. You can shop for any brand of your interest from both online and physical shops that deal with such outdoor gear. On prices, they differ as per brand but the truth is they can be costly. However, you shouldn’t focus more on the price but rather how comfy, durable and presentable they are. Costly or expensive means that it is gear you will use for quite some time, and one that guarantees comfort throughout.
The following is a list of some of the most reliable outdoor gear brands out there that you could consider exploring:


If you are into brands which care for the environment as much as you do, Patagonia is the brand to reckon with for your outdoor gear needs. They have a line going by the name ReCircle whose gear is made from recycled cotton and renewable wood. Because of their high quality, they are pricey but worth every penny spent.

The North Face

You’ve probably heard of this outdoor gear brand or even seen people donning it. Well, this is a brand worth investing in for a variety of outdoor events which include hiking, skiing or even the yoga sessions. From pants to jackets, you don’t have to worry about the pricing because it is moderate and worth their quality.


This Sweden founded outdoor gear brand is very sustainable. The level of innovation displayed in their range of outdoor gear is an indication that this brand is worth all the credit. Their gear is also centered on eco-conscious basis where a number of their outdoor gear are recyclable.


If you have not heard of this Vancouver based outdoor gear brand, then know that it is one of the best. If you are more into technical outdoor adventures like rock climbing and hiking, you will definitely make a good outdoor gear collection from this reputable brand. There is a variety to choose from light to heavy gear, for all seasons. On prices, you will not pay cheap but if you are looking into durability and comfort, no penny is worth sparing.


This brand offers everything you could ever want in an outdoor gear. Talk of versatile, durable, breathable and light fabrics. By purchasing outdoor gear from this brand, you not only get set for a ton of adventures in comfortable gear, but also contribute to a noble cause of fighting poverty from your purchase.