Best road trips to take in the world

Road trips make for some of the best traveling experiences. It’s just miles and miles in front of you with scenic views around. While the road traveled is the same, each road trip is different with unique adventures and lasting memories. It can be a real bonding experience. So without any further adieu, here are the best road trips from around the world that you can take with your friends and/or loved ones (they even make for good solo traveling if you like…)

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina, USA

This is quite likely the route John Denver was singing about in his iconic number “Take Me Home, Country Roads”. This route passes through ridgetops and beautiful green valleys. The road winds and turns, giving you views of the mountains from all sides. Travelers of this route have several opportunities to stop in the small towns along the route, which offer delightful local foods like cornmeal cakes. There is also a diverse range of gorgeous trees to see (preferably on foot) like white oaks, red maples, and tulip poplars.

Best road trips to take in the world

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

As one of the most diverse routes in the world, the Great Ocean Road passes beaches, rainforests, and rock formations. It stretches 150 miles, so it is not a long or difficult trip, and the scenery changes quite often. So, this is the perfect road trip for people to tend to get bored with the same kind of scenery.

The coast of Australia is also quite populated, and there are many occasions to meet all sorts of interesting people and try all manners of new things, like visiting the natural hot springs.

The Garden Route, Western Cape and Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Garden Route is aptly named for the variety of unique flora along the 190-mile drive. It is worth the long haul flight to the south of the world because the natural vegetation along this route grows only in South Africa. These plants are known locally as fynbos are incredibly and interesting because many of them require wildfires to grow. As with many South African destinations, there is a myriad of national parks which house African native animals. The Garden Route is a dream for any person who loves nature!

Causeway Coastal Route, Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

You know those picturesque scenes of rural roads running beneath a canopy of trees? Well, that’s what awaits you along the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland. Ireland is renowned for its scenic routes, with rolling green hills in every direction. It is also renowned for its culture which is full of distinct music and dancing.

Best road trips to take in the world

Northern Ireland, in particular, has a complex history. There are many castles to visit and also the town of Londonderry – a site for many of the political unrests in recent decades. Here you can learn about the conflicts that took place in Northern Ireland that shaped it into what it is today.

Taihang Mountains, northeastern China

This route was formed because the villagers in Guoliang simply had enough of going around the mountain – so they decided to go through it. This lead to the formation of the Guoliang Tunnel. The tunnel is 19 feet wide and 13 feet high and has windows for travelers to peer into the deep and breathtaking gorge below. It is a slightly more challenging route, so it is advised that only the more confident and experienced drivers try it.