Ways to Prepare Your Dog for Your Newborn

Bringing home a newborn sometimes comes with changes around the house. Sometimes these changes can affect your dog since you are bringing home a new family member that they are unfamiliar with.

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Aside from not getting your full attention, they also need to adjust to the new sounds, smells, movements, and different baby equipment around the house. Sometimes even a very well behaved dog can feel intimidated or neglected around a newborn baby.

That is why it is important that you understand ways to help your dog safely adjust to these changes. Here are some tips to make this transition easier for your furry friend and your newborn baby.


1. Create a Plan

The first thing you need to consider when preparing your dog for your newborn is to have a plan. This is true not only for dogs but also for other animals. Dogs are enthusiastic. Nevertheless, they can feel jealous when they do not have all your attention.

To start your plan, it is best to prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby during your pregnancy. One way is to do this is to enroll your dog in obedience training.

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2. Start Crate Training

You want to consider introducing your dog to a crate now if your dog has not used one yet. There are a lot of benefits when you crate train your dog. Similar to providing a safe place for babies, a crate can give your dog a safe haven.

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Moreover, your dog could enjoy time on their own in their crate. This also helps when you need to confine your dog so you can attend to your newborn. You just keep in mind not to keep your dog in a crate for several hours at a time.


3. Familiarize Your Dog to Common Sounds and Smells of Babies

Newborn babies make a lot of noise. This is expected since this is the only way they can communicate sadness, hunger, tiredness, or distress. However, these noises can make your dog overwhelmed.

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Dos can feel upset, anxious, and uncomfortable since they are not used to these sounds. You can prevent this by familiarizing your dog with a baby’s common sounds and smells before your newborn arrives.

Experts suggest combining a recording of the sounds babies make and giving treats to your dog to help them make associations. This is helpful because they will welcome these sounds instead of feeling distressed or frustrated. They will learn that these sounds can be connected with treats and your attention.


One popular way to introduce the baby’s smell is to carry your baby’s blanket or clothing with you at home before bringing the baby. As a result, your dog will be familiar with the scent of your baby before meeting them.


Sometimes having to take care of a dog and a newborn baby at the same time can seem overwhelming at first. But we hope that with some of the tips we mentioned above, it will help make your transition more smoothly.

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Following these preparation methods and being patient can hopefully make things easier for you, your baby, and your four-legged friend.