How to relieve those summer mosquito bites

Summer brings with it the promise of warm weather, pleasant days, and fond memories. But summer is also the time when those pesky buzzing mosquitoes come out to play. It’s during the summer that these annoying creatures spend their time preparing their eggs for the next season. Female mosquitoes absolutely love to suck up warm blood to nourish their eggs. But their bite leaves behind an itchy and inflamed area that can bother you for days afterward.

The most important thing to do to speed up healing is to avoid scratching the mosquito bite no matter how tempting it is. There are many ways to relieve the itching and speed up the bite’s healing. Here are some of the options to try.

How to relieve those summer mosquito bites

Medical options

If you absolutely suffer from the itching of the mosquito bite, there are some medical options that are potent and powerful. Such over-the-counter medications fall into the group of antihistamine and topical pain-relieving creams. Make sure they include ingredients like lidocaine or benzocaine for the strongest itching and pain relief. Lotions which contain menthol provide a soothing sensation to the area as well. These medications do come with side effects, so make sure to discuss this with the pharmacist or your doctor.

A hot teaspoon

This is one of the fastest-acting methods of relieving a mosquito bite. It works best if you catch the mosquito bite soon after you’ve been bitten. Simply dunk a teaspoon in boiling water then let it cool for a few seconds. Test the temperature gently on the side of your hand to make sure you don’t burn yourself and when it is right, press it firmly against the affected area and hold it there for 10 seconds. The heat of the teaspoon destroys the proteins from the mosquito that are responsible for itching and inflammation. The heat generally provides a soothing feeling as well.


Ice is a short-term relief from itching. Press a cube of ice to the affected area for about a minute. This numbs the area and relieves severe itching. The effect doesn’t last very long, so it is only useful for short term use, but it can provide just enough relief to stop you from scratching the bite.


This is a slightly out-of-the-box treatment idea, but some people swear by it. The idea behind applying honey to a mosquito bite is that it contains numerous compounds that have anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. These compounds can help to speed up the healing of the mosquito bite and prevent any secondary infection that would make the pain and itching last longer. It also discourages you from scratching because of its stickiness.

How to relieve those summer mosquito bites

Tea tree oil

Similarly to honey, tea tree oil contains natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds. It is an aromatic substance that provides a soothing sensation as well. Mosquitoes aren’t fans of strong plant smells, so there is the bonus that they are less likely to bite you again if you smell of tea tree oil.

Baking soda

Baking soda has a million and one uses around the house and in the human body. You can make a fine paste by mixing it with water and gently rubbing it over the mosquito bite. You have to be gentle because rubbing too hard can cause more inflammation. The baking soda dries out and absorbs many of the compounds in the mosquito bite that might be responsible for itching.