The carry-on challenge: how to pack light every time

Even for the most avid and experienced of travelers, packing light can still be a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of logistical issues that need to be meticulously dealt with when it comes to packing a carry-on. There are advantages to packing light. First and foremost, the easily avoidable costs of excess baggage. Also, who honestly wants to have to lug around tons and tons of excess weight, especially in situations where one is packing for multiple destinations. So below is a list of ways to ensure that you do your best to pack as light as possible and avoid the inconveniences of an excess of heavy carry on luggage.

Just straight up wear it

There are no rules and regulations for the weight and size of the passenger. That would be unethical. So if the massive winter coat or hard-soled winter boots are going to take up an excessive amount of space in your bag, It might be a good idea to put it on your body and stick it out for the duration of the commute.


Weigh your luggage before you leave

You can imagine no worse a situation than showing up and being told that you have not only packed too heavy but will now be required to either pay excess charges or find a way to make your luggage lighter, one way or another, such as having to add to your carry on. So this cannot be stressed enough: make sure you weigh your luggage to avoid ending up in an unfortunate situation.

Make a list

The best way to end up with overloaded luggage is to pack a bag without a checklist. Without a checklist, we tend to end up packing absolutely everything and anything we can find. On the other end of the spectrum, packing a carry on bag without a checklist also leaves you open to leaving things that you may actually need behind. This has the potential to leave you in a completely inconvenient situation.

Pack what you need and only what you need

Now we are all guilty of this one. We like to refer to those of us that fall into this trap as the “just in case” community. What if a cold front hits and you all of a sudden need a full body thermal tracksuit or what if you spill something on your shirt 20 times that day? Let’s pack the entire closet, just in case. Some people do the same for items in their carry-on. It never works. So count the days. Go through your itinerary. Pack what you need and only what you need and if you don’t need it then leave it behind!


Keep it small

Nowadays a lot of convenient items needed for travel come in travel size. So if you are only planning on going on a short journey, it might be an idea to consider swapping out the large toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes for their miniature versions.

Do your research

Everyone likes to pack absolutely everything they may need for their travels but not everyone considers that they might not have to. So do your research. Is it possible that you may be able to buy whatever it is that you’re missing for your trip at your destination and for a price and level of convenience that is suited to you, rather than put it in your carry on?