World’s most luxurious hotels with infinity pools

For most of us, we have a clear expectation of what we want our holidays to be like. For some people, the hotels need to be comfortable, with a luxury 5-star accommodation being the preferred place to stay. Some, however, would favor a beachfront resort, with clear seas and long stretches of golden sand. However, others have one very specific feature in mind when booking their holiday: an infinity pool. For some of us, standard outdoor pools aren’t enough to satisfy our needs, and the infinity pool has become all the rage on social media. We would be lying if we said they weren’t pretty cool. Finding a place to stay, that also has an infinity pool, isn’t actually as difficult as it may seem. We have collected together a few places that we think are perfect for those people searching for the perfect pool holiday.

Savoy Saccharum Hotel

If you’re looking for a luxury infinity pool, have you ever thought about visiting the stunning Portuguese island of Madeira? Savoy Saccharum Hotel is everything you could ever want, and includes the pool you desire. This 5-star hotel has many other facilities that will make your stay so perfect you will never want to leave. You can take a dip in the infinity pool, and then go off to explore the incredible natural beauty of Madeira.

Savoy Saccharum Hotel

Thompson Playa del Carmen

Have you ever been to Mexico? If not, you should definitely add it to your list. While you’re there, add the 5-star Thompson Playa del Carmen hotel to the list too, and trust us, you won’t regret it. This hotel provides some of the best views in the country, and if that isn’t enough, the infinity pool gives you gorgeous views of the ocean. There are a variety of beds and sun loungers, so you won’t find a more relaxing place to stay in Mexico.

Michelangelo Resort & Spa

One of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, Kos is the home of the 5-star Michelangelo Resort and Spa. It is located right by the sea, and is surrounded by the most gorgeous modern beaches and stylish gardens. Imagine seeing all of this, from your very own infinity pool. Just submerge yourself in the refreshing water, and look out into the distance. You’ll never feel more at peace.

Likya Residence Hotel and Spa

If you’re planning a trip away with your significant other and you’re looking for a more romantic setting, then you have to try Likya Residence Hotel and Spa. This hotel is situated in Antalya, Turkey, and has five stars to its name. It has a main infinity pool that looks out onto the wide-open ocean and stunning mountainous views. The perks of this hotel is that it is an adults-only hotel, so there is no better place to unwind and relax.

Likya Residence Hotel and Spa

Dukes Dubai

What makes infinity pools so magical is the view. There is no better place to relax, immersed in clear waters and looking out into the distance. Dubai is definitely the place to do this. The country offers some of the most gorgeous skylines on earth, so adding an infinity pool to the mix can only be a good thing. The five-star hotel, Dukes Dubai, is situated at the trunk of the Palm Jumeirah. The hotel’s infinity pool offers the most incredible view and allows you to really wash away reality.

Infinity pools are the one of the best ways to relax, while also taking in some incredible sights and views. We recommend finding a pool with the best view, as this is what makes the pools so special. Do your research, as pictures can be deceiving. It is always worth paying a little extra to get the infinity pool experience that you are after.